Aaron Kneile | Art Director+Photographer | About
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I’m a seasoned Creative/Art director with a passion for the story and the strategy. I have worked for over 15 years in digital and print art direction, applications, photography, illustration, and even font design. If it’s visual, odds are, I’m obsessed with it.


I believe story is the singular core of anything ever designed. Where others see a sitemap or an application, or a campaign concept, I see a story. When the story works well the thing designs itself. So I help find a way to simplify the idea to what is absolutely essential, and then tell the story in a visual way that sticks.


I love to draw on walls! I do my best work in collaboration at a whiteboard. But even though I love to sprout ideas, I’m equally comfortable rolling my sleeves up and executing them.


My experience covers integrated and brand campaigns, new media, packaging/retail, digital and technology. My sector experience includes pharmaceutical (professional and consumer), financial services, fashion/retail, travel, tech/startup, and nonprofit.


My name is Aaron, and I make stuff.